Top 7 Reasons To Stay Away From Hard Water

Hard water is a common water type which contains a high amount of dissolved minerals mainly calcium and magnesium. However other elements like iron, strontium, zinc, copper, fluoride, sulfur, potassium and sulfide can also be found. Hard water does not cause major health issues but causes discomfort and damage to daily life chores.

Homeowners sometimes ignore the signs of hard water damages but later regrets. Hard water slowly and gradually hampers appliances and plumbing system. It even increases utility and repair bills, now you understood why were you bills high? Hard water even causes damage to hair and skin after bathing by preventing soap lathering on the skin. Spots on glasses, stained bathtubs, and sinks fade clothes and shorter water-based appliances lifespan are the everyday harsh hard water impacts.

You can opt for temporary methods but they cannot be applied to every problem and is time-consuming and hectic for applying. In this case, a water softener comes to the rescue as they provide a permanent solution for water hardness. If you are planning to buy one check water softener system review before purchasing any product.

Once you recognize hard water issues you need to know why you should stay away from it. People often neglect hard water issues but we assure you after you go in-depth surely will get a solution.

Top 7 Reasons to Stay Away From Hard Water:

  1. Taste and Odor Issues: Water is a universally consumed liquid. We need water every day to quench our thirst and complete other household works. Water is also majorly used in beverage and food industry. When water smells or tastes foul it is a clear indication that something is wrong with it. Hard water can be moldy, earthy, metallic, chlorine or rotten smelling. This is due to various reasons like decay organic substance, iron fillers, excess chlorine or excess sulfur. Whatever the reason is but if water isn’t pure it causes health problems. Diarrhea, constipation, cholera, etc and major diseases are also the results of impure water.
  2. Discoloration and Cloudy water: This indicates that mineral salts are high in the water. This is known as turbidity that causes disturbances with your chores. This affects the overall water quality.
  3. Corrosion: Corrosion of pipes and faucets can be due to many factors like acidity, high amount of minerals, stray current electrolysis, galvanic corrosion, oxygen content, and water temperature. But corrosion leads to damage to pipes. Slowly decay of pipes and fittings began which later costs huge.
  4. Appliances breakdown: This is the most expensive problem of all. The limescale deposits decrease the lifespan of water-based appliances like dishwasher, heater, Ac, and boilers. As per reports, the US homes pays nearly $800 every year on just repairs. Water heater becomes less efficient which also increases utility bills. The icemaker and other appliances may stop working for you. Why wait for the time when you can solve this issue with one easy move i.e. installing a softener system.
  5. Increased utility Bills: Another issue with hard water usage is increased utility bills. Heaters and conditioning system develops minerals on pipes and fittings which creates thrust for water inflow which directly affects energy consumption. What was your utility bill this time? If you calculate the portion of your bill a water softener will cost you equal in a few years.
  6. Hair and Skin Issues: Hard water causes hair fall and skin irritation problems. Many complaints are made by homeowners who live in hard water areas that their skin is becoming dry and irritated, this is the time you check water hardness level. Even children’s adopt eczema which causes redness and bumpy skin. Hair fall is due to the removal of natural scalp oils which open pores of hair follicles causing hair exposed from roots.
  7. Stained Laundry: Have you ever experienced stained laundry even after washing from a branded detergent? It is because hard water does not let stains to dissolve in water via detergent. Then you need a harsh detergent to do the job which fades clothes.

Water Conditioning Could Help:

For hard water issues, the only permanent solution is installing a water softener or whole house water filter.

Water conditioning helps in removal of excess minerals from water to soften for further use. There are many types of water systems available in the market like reverse osmosis (RO), magnetic system, salt-based or salt-free softener. You can choose the best as per the situations and preferences.


We hope now you know the reasons to stay away from hard water. If any of your friends have the same issues do share the information with them. If you have any queries write to us in the comment section below. Have a good day!

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