Top Interior Design Trends of 2019


2018 was more regarding rose gold, marble, definite colors and bold flooring on the go. There are many styles that are still viable and will recapitulate this year. If you are a proud owner of a new home, have restored or renovating your space. This year 2019 has a stunning vow waiting for you.

Check out the list of latest and trending designs approved by interior decorators. Let’s see what they beget for you:

Tinted Ceilings:

This season ceilings are contemplated. They were ignored from a prolonged session. To add that “wow” feeling get your room ceiling decorated with pigments, wallpapers and mold it to a cozy space.

Instinctual Decorating:

It may be any like shifting from a gray or dark-colored palette to some warmer vibrant one. It’s just about getting out of the box. Get to a bright, vivid and scrumptious and depict your personality in the catalog.

Huge Bold Plants:

Bring nature to your home and let yourself be free. For example, keep a palm tree near to your living room window to add texture and scenic feel. They are engaging and can be placed anywhere besides your sofa, dining, wardrobe anywhere where they look at. Remember to take care of your plantation. Place it where there is plenty of sunlight and water them daily. They are budget-friendly and add positivity too.

Quirky Approach:

When you want to lift your mood you go to a happening place, why not bring one to your space? Whimsical art never goes out of fashion. They make you and everyone around you happy. For these add elements like bold fonts, bright colors, and textures.

Bold Colors:

Designers were playing safe with colors till now but now experimenting. To add shape and texture to your room make a balance of colors. Make sure you do not overdo. A burnt orange one side wall with a neutral shade you be perfect. There are many options check them out on Google.

Embellished Walls:

What about textured or painted walls? They craft ideal contrast and make the room look appealing. You can get it painted with different shapes or designs as per your taste. On this account Murals are popular this year. With minimalist loom, it draws attention and looks personified.

Advanced Cabinetry:

Painted cabinets have replaced with dark chocolate or cherry colored cabinet recently. It looks fashionable and diversifies the look of a kitchen or living room.  

Matte Black Kitchen Accessories:

Matte Black Fixtures are the drifting. This time the glossy metals like silver, bronze are ditched. Try the new!

Contemporary Vintage Illumination:

Stylist prefers vintage lights over exposed bulbs. They say that a vintage light with a modern vibe is defined and sculptured. They soothe the environment and furnish kind ambiance.

Earth Tones:

Instead of monochrome tones designers have opted earthy colors like scalded gold, mud or ochre. The trend has changed and those who love to keep it elegant can go for this look.

Rich Textiles; Velvet:

This time luxuries and lavish statements are ongoing. Rick textiles like velvet affix comfort, boldness, and drama to space. A sense of warmth and tenderness is curved with it.  

Let us know, if you like any of these new Trends of 2019 in the comment section. If you have any queries, feel free to write to us.



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